[Comp-neuro] Postdoc and PhD positions in computational neuroscience in Okinawa

Erik De Schutter erik at tnb.ua.ac.be
Mon Nov 6 19:13:51 CET 2006

I am starting a new Computational Neuroscience unit at the Okinawa  
Institute of Science and Technology, Japan in 2007.

We have several openings for postdocs, PhD students and software  
engineers in the following topics:
-   molecular modeling of synaptic plasticity
-   cellular modeling of Purkinje cells
-   modeling of channel and synaptic homeostasis
-   development of software to model neuron growth

PhD candidates can have diverse backgrounds, postdoc candidates  
should have experience in computational neuroscience. Proficiency in  
spoken and written English is required.

For more information on the work in the unit see http:// 
www.tnb.ua.ac.be and recent publications:
M. Berends, R. Maex and E. De Schutter: The effect of NMDA receptors  
on gain modulation. Neural Computation 17: 2531-2547 (2005).
E. De Schutter, Ö. Ekeberg, J. Hellgren Kotaleski, P. Achard, A.  
Lansner: Biophysically detailed modelling of microcircuits and  
beyond. Trends in Neurosciences 28: 562-569 (2005).
S.M.G. Solinas, R. Maex and E. De Schutter: Dendritic amplification  
of inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in a model Purkinje cell.   
European Journal of Neuroscience 23: 1207-1218 (2006).
P. Achard and E. De Schutter: Complex parameter landscape for a  
complex neuron model. PLoS Computational Biology 2: e94, 794-804 (2006).
F. Santamaria, S. Wils, E. De Schutter and G.J. Augustine: Anomalous  
diffusion in Purkinje cell dendrites caused by dendritic spines.  
Neuron in press (2006).

We offer attractive financial and working conditions in an English  
language environment.  Duration of initial appointments will depend  
on previous experience, appointments can last up to 5 years. More  
information about the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology is  
available at http://www.oist.jp/

Send curriculum vitae, summary of research interests, and the names  
of three referees to Prof. Erik De Schutter at erik at tnb.ua.ac.be


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