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Dear All,

attached please find the announcement of a new Master program in
Computational Neuroscience.




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                    International Master of Science
                     in Computational Neuroscience

            Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience

 			    Berlin, Germany

The Berlin University of Technology, the Charite Medical School and the
Humboldt University of Berlin solicit applications for a new
international Master program in Computational Neuroscience within the
newly established Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin

The program is full-time for four semesters, and will start in October
2006. Course language is English. There are no tuition fees.

Computational neuroscience is a new research discipline, which reflects
the fact that understanding the functioning brain requires a
multidisciplinary approach. It combines experiments with data analysis
and computer simulations on the basis of well-defined theoretical concepts,
and makes a scientific language available that can be used across
disciplines and levels for neurobiology, cognitive science, and
information technology. Computational Neuroscience may thus
help to solve long-standing research questions, contribute to better
prevention and treatment strategies for neural disorders, lead to unified
concepts about biological processes, advance information technologies
and human-machine interactions and, last but not least, provide new 
insight for designing efficient strategies for teaching and learning.

The MSc program in Computational Neuroscience will provide students with
knowledge and skills in a wide range of theoretical techniques which are
under intensive use in the Neurosciences and which are also at the core
of modern AI and machine learning research. During the first year,
modules on

-- Models of Neural Systems
-- Models of Higher Brain Function
-- Acquisition and Analysis of Neural Data
-- Machine Intelligence

jointly taught by experimentalists and theoreticians will lay the
disciplinary foundation. During the second year extensive experimental
and theoretical project work:

-- lab rotations
-- Master thesis

will train the students' ability to conduct scientific research. Emphasis
will be put on a broad, interdisciplinary education with strong
interactions between experiment and theory. The program is taught by the
faculty of the Bernstein Center, who represent university departments
ranging from biology and medicine to physics and computer science at the
three major universities in Berlin.

Application deadline:

 		         June 16th, 2006

 		  for the winter term 2006/2007.

Students with a a solid mathematical background and a completed B.Sc. or
equivalent degree (completed at the time the courses start) are welcome
to apply.

For more information and application procedures see


or send email to sekr at cs.tu-berlin.de.

Admission for the winter term 2006/2007 depends on the final approval
of the program by the Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und

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