[Comp-neuro] JOB POSTING: Database Engineer/Programmer Analyst, MGH, Boston, MA

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Sat Mar 25 13:38:39 CET 2006

Position: Database Engineer/Programmer Analyst

The Department of Radiology/Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at the
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is seeking an experienced software
developer (MS degree or equivalent experience) to assist with development and
deployment of scientific database applications in a multi-site high-visibility
biomedical enterprise. The data includes human brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(MRI) data of different patient populations and related image derived data, as
well as a range of clinical, genetic, and demographic data.

Summary and Background
This position will serve as a scientific database specialist for the Biomedical
Informatics Research Network (BIRN, http://www.nbirn.net
<http://www.nbirn.net/> ), a multi-center project funded by the National Center
of Research Resources (National Institute of Health). The BIRN goals include the
development, installation, optimization, and maintenance of hardware, software,
and protocols to effectively share and mine biomedical data across multiple
distributed sites to the benefit of both basic and clinical research. The
overall goal of this position is to develop expertise in core BIRN
infrastructure and to subsequently serve as the project’s chief deployment

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Database programming in the area of scientific data management, specific
database administration, meta-data integration, perform analysis tasks in
advanced technology development, collection building, federation of information
from multiple data sites, and development of data models and the ingestion of
heterogeneous data into a database. Development of user friendly software tools
that allows research faculty members to query, browse and interact with the
database system. Assist research faculty members of the research team and their
collaborators to extend object-relational systems with user-defined data types
and functions, and extension of XML-based query languages to implement advanced
XML query processing on top of relational systems. Assist with production and
maintenance of related documentation.

Skills Required
* Advanced knowledge and experience in Java programming, including design and
development of database and web-based applications.
* Advanced knowledge and experience in XML technologies, including XML Schema &
* Knowledge and experience in database design and administration. SQL experience
* Strong understanding of software engineering best practices, including design
patterns and object-oriented design.
* Linux/Unix experience (shell scripting, Perl (preferred), Python, TCL).
* Strong analytic, inductive and deductive reasoning skills to independently
develop data models for scientific users.
* Experience developing in and/or managing open source software projects.
* Good communication skills – oral and written – and interest in applying them
towards technical communication with highly knowledgeable users.
* Background in scientific computing, medical imaging, and/or statistical
analysis is a plus.

Interested applicants should send qualifications to:

Julie Goodman
Administrative Director of Neuroimaging
Center for Brain Science
Harvard University
E-mail only:  julieg at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu

Salary will be based on qualifications and experience. The Massachusetts General
Hospital is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

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