[Comp-neuro] Reminder: Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science 2006

Kampis gk at hps.elte.hu
Sun Mar 5 18:12:56 CET 2006

[Sorry for cross-posting  -- please forward to students]

This is a reminder about the Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science
(or BSCS, http://hps.elte.hu/BSCS) and its Call for Students for 2006.

# We have a modified deadline of  *May 15, 2006*.
# Application procedure as seen on the Web site.

Courses and teachers in 2006 include:
Cognitive Neuroscience             Professor John Bickle, UC (USA)
Dynamic Brain Modeling           Professor Peter Erdi, KCollege (USA)
Consciousness                            Professor Olga Markic, U Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Phil. of Mind                              Professor Lilia Gurova, NBU (Bulgaria)
Cognitive Psychology                 Professor Giselher Guttmann, U Vienna (Austria)

and also from Hungary:
Foundations of Cogsci               Professor George Kampis, ELTE
Cognitive Linguistics                 Professor Laszlo Komlosi, PTE
Phil. of Language                       Professor Gabor Forrai, ME
Neural Networks                       Dr. Fulop Bazso, KFKI

BSCS is a one-semester study abroad program run by the Hungarian Foundation
in Cognitive Science (www.makog.hu).

We welcome US and international students. Fellowships available in proven need.
Send all inquiries to jhegedus at kzoo.edu (US Coordinator) or to

George Kampis
General Director
gk at hps.elte.hu

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