[Comp-neuro] CNS*2006: Neuro-IT workshop on Interoperability of Neural Simulators

Erik De Schutter erik at tnb.ua.ac.be
Wed Jun 21 18:07:06 CEST 2006

We would like to draw your attention on the coming CNS meeting workshop:

Neuro-IT workshop on Interoperability of Simulators
Edinburgh, United Kingdom, July 19-20 2006

For quite some time interoperability of neural simulators has been  
considered an important goal of the modeling community.  But is this  
more than a buzz word?  Is it possible/easy to transfer models from  
one simulator program to another?  And how should any problems be  
solved?  By making simulators interact with each other or by defining  
models in a simulator-independent way?  This workshop brings together  
several outstanding simulator developers to present and discuss their  
views on the following 3 questions:
- one big simulator versus specialized simulators
- interoperability of specialized simulators
- simulator independent model specification

Further information and program can be found on http:// 

Best regards,

Erik De Schutter

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