[Comp-neuro] Dynamical Neuroscience 2006 - Frontiers in Neural Signal Processing

Dennis L. Glanzman, Ph.D. glanzman at helix.nih.gov
Fri Jul 28 16:06:18 CEST 2006

Frontiers in Neural Signal Processing

Immediately Preceding the 36th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience

Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA
Thursday and Friday, October 12-13, 2006

Advanced signal processing methods play an increasingly important role in 
neuroscience.  Analysis of multi-site optical and electrical recordings is 
important for basic science as well as neural prosthetic 
applications.  Processing of EEG and MEG signals is essential in the study 
of mental health: the time-frequency spectrum of EEG and MEG signals is 
modulated by working memory and attention, EEG spectra provide a 
quantitative measure of endophenotype in clinical studies of psychiatric 
disorders, the analysis of EEG signals is used in genetic linkage studies, 
and fMRI time series are increasingly being subject to spectral analysis as 
an indicator of higher brain function.  With regard to theoretical studies 
of higher brain function, signal processing methods are a key tool in 
assessing the dynamical behavior of neural network models.

This workshop will combine theoretical overviews, case studies, and 
tutorials (see attached Program Booklet).  Both time domain and frequency 
domain approaches will be covered for point processes as well as continuous 
processes.  Major techniques covered will include nonparametric smoothing 
techniques using local regression and likelihood methods, spline fits, 
state-space methods, nonstationary spectral analysis using multi-taper and 
autoregressive methods, and combinations of spectral analysis methods with 
source localization techniques in EEG and MEG.  Participants will be 
invited to run MatLab-based code, primarily from the NIH sponsored Chronux 
program (http://www.chronux.org/), on their laptop computers during 
tutorial sessions.  This package contains implementation of the methods 
discussed at the workshop.  Participants will gain concrete understanding 
of the concepts by working out tutorial examples on data sets, drawn from 
both basic science as well as clinical applications, for the workshop.


Peter Andrews, Hemant Bokil, Emery Brown, Elizabeth Buffalo, Chris Fall, 
Nicholas Hatsopoulos
Rob Kass, David Kleinfeld, Catherine Loader, Partha Mitra, Nozomi 
Nishimura, Bijan Pesaran,
Keith Purpura, Wendy Suzuki, Ofer Tchernichovski, Valerie Ventura, Thilo 

Organizers:  Emery Brown, Dennis Glanzman, Rob Kass, David Kleinfeld and 
Partha Mitra


Submit a Poster Abstract:  http://www.cmpinc.net/dynamical/poster.html

For further information about registration and other logistics, please 
contact Mr. Matt Burdetsky at:
Capital Meeting Planning    Phone 703-536-4993    Fax 
703-536-4991    E-mail: matt at cmpinc.net
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