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Olivier J.-M. D. Coenen coenen at csl.sony.fr
Tue Jul 25 19:03:39 CEST 2006

Positions are available



Neural Information Dynamics Group

Sony Computer Science Laboratory - Paris, France


Available immediately


Positions (Postdocs, Associate Reseachers, Engineers, etc.) are available
for theoretical and computational studies in Neuroscience and Machine
Learning with potential applications in robotics and other fields.


Highly motivated and creative individuals are sought for a period of up to 3
years to join our research efforts.  


The interested candidates will be building mathematical and computational
models of neural processing, sensorimotor integration and control with a
particular emphasis on active perception, and representation and learning in
different brain areas.


Research interests include unsupervised learning, information theory and
probabilistic approaches to representation and learning in networks of
(spiking) neurons, touch and haptic representation, laws of sensorimotor
interactions, reinforcement learning and robotic learning and control,
sensory augmentation and sensory substitution systems as well as
sensorimotor illusion devices.


The candidates will have the opportunity to work across disciplines and
levels of investigation, from mathematical theories, analytical models and
detailed compartmental models of neurons to the creation of a unique
computing platform.  The models will be informed and constrained by
neurobiological and psychological data.


The Sony Computer Science Laboratory is a fundamental research center
located in the Quartier Latin, in the center of Paris. It is next door to
the renown Ecole Normale Superieure and only a few steps away from a large
number of universities and institutions in Paris (Sorbonne, Jussieu, College
de France, etc.). The laboratory has interests in cognition, music,
language, and robotics.


Current collaborations within the European Project SENSOPAC (SENSOrimotor
structuring of Perception and Action for emerging Cognition) will give the
candidates the possibility to interact closely with theoreticians,
experimental neurophysiologists, and computer and hardware scientists at
universities in Paris, in Europe and abroad.


Candidates should have a solid analytical background and a keen interest in
neuroscience. Experience in machine learning algorithms and in computational
models is desirable.  Excellent computer programming skills (Matlab, C, C++)
are essential. Competitive salaries are presented in accordance with


Applicants should send by email with the subject "Positions Sony CSL Neuro"
a curriculum vitae (CV) (pdf format preferred)with a list of publications, a
1 or 2-page statement of research interests, together with the names,
addresses, emails and phone numbers of at least three referees to coenen
'-at-' csl.sony.fr (please title your files using
yourfullname-positionrequested-[CV,statement].pdf, such as
johnsmith-postdoc-statement.pdf) or mail to:


Olivier J.-M. D. Coenen, Ph.D.

Sony Computer Science Laboratory - Paris

6, rue Amyot

75005, Paris France

Phone: +33 1 44 08 05 04

Fax:   +33 1 45 87 87 50





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