[Comp-neuro] PhD / Postdoc position at Lübeck University, Institute for Neuro- and Bioinformatics

Martin Boehme boehme at inb.uni-luebeck.de
Tue Jul 25 14:34:15 CEST 2006

The Institute for Neuro- and Bioinformatics (INB) at the University of
Lübeck, Germany is seeking a

     PhD student or Postdoctoral Researcher

for the ARTTS project (Action Recognition and Tracking based on
Time-of-flight Sensors), funded by an EU grant.


Based on a new type of award-winning sensor technology, the
time-of-flight (TOF) camera, ARTTS will develop algorithms and prototype
systems to solve open computer vision problems and enable new
applications that involve multimodal interfaces and the sensing of
people and their actions. Unlike a conventional video camera, the TOF
camera delivers not only an intensity image but also a range map that
contains a distance measurement at each pixel, obtained by measuring the
time required by light to reach the object and return to the camera
(time-of-flight principle); see http://www.swissranger.ch.

The other partners in the ARTTS project are the Technical University of
Denmark; the University Politehnica of Bucharest; CSEM (the Swiss Center
for Electronics and Microtechnology); and SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH,

Work at INB will focus on developing new algorithms for head tracking,
gesture and action recognition, and face detection using the innovative
time-of-flight technology.


Applicants for the PhD student position should have a Master, Diploma,
or equivalent degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, or
related areas. Applicants for the postdoctoral position should have a
PhD in one of the areas listed above.

Additionally, applicants should have a background in at least one of the
following areas:

- Image Processing and Image Analysis
- Computer Vision
- Machine Learning
- Software Development
- Head Tracking or People Tracking

The position lasts for three years and is available from 1 September
2006. Applicants should ideally be available from this date, though
applicants who require a later starting date may also be considered.

The salary will be based on the German public service BAT IIa payscale
(around 40,000 EUR per annum, the exact amount depending on age and
marital status) Disabled applicants with equal qualifications will be 
given preferential treatment.

Applications, including CV and references, should be sent via email to

     barth at inb.uni-luebeck.de

with Cc to

     martinetz at inb.uni-luebeck.de   and
     boehme at inb.uni-luebeck.de

The deadline for applications is midnight CEST on 14 August 2006; later 
applications may be considered until the position is filled.

Martin Böhme
Inst. f. Neuro- and Bioinformatics
Ratzeburger Allee 160, D-23538 Luebeck
Phone: +49 451 500 5814
Fax:   +49 451 500 5502
boehme at inb.uni-luebeck.de

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