[Comp-neuro] Matlab, Java, Signal processing expert/ Position in California.... URGENT URGENT

Vic Thadhani vic at tivasys.com
Fri Jul 14 00:04:14 CEST 2006

Hello all research experts,


I work for a recruiting company based in San Jose, CA. We have a client
which is a fortune 1000 company in US and they are looking to hire someone
with the following position description. Can you refer me someone. The key
to this position is Matlab, Java, signal processing. This is initially a 6
months contract, but there are many full time/permanent positions within
this company and they will be able to convert this person permanent after
this contract. This person must be eligible to work in US without any visa
issues. If someone has an EAD card for OPT, we can use that, but the client
wants to start someone immediately, so there is no time to start the EAD
process from the beginning. Please see below the description. Call me on
immediately if anyone is interested. This is one of the best opportunities
for anyone looking for a good career.

Please send me your MS Word copy of your resume as well.



Engineering Software Engineering

As the leading supplier of life science technology and related applications,
we are helping life scientists understand and use the power of biology to
pursue new scientific discoveries and methods for diagnosing and treating
disease. If you're interested in a challenging career in one of the fastest
moving fields today, you've come to the right place. 

This is an opportunity to play a critical roll in developing algorithms to
automate detection, quantify and to improve precision and accuracy in gene
expression and genotyping for these fields. Responsibilities: Develop signal
processing and image analysis algorithms for gene expression and genotyping
on Applied Biosystems Real-time PCR systems. Involves analyzing large
amounts of data, understanding and modeling instrumentation effects,
chemistry and molecular biology reactions. Algorithms for filtering, pattern
classification, feature extraction, quantification and image analysis will
be required. The algorithm designer will be responsible for the design and
development of the algorithms, testing and implementation, as well as
documentation and communication of the algorithms. Will work closely with
instrument R&D efforts on new technologies.

Education: PhD. or Ms. in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering or
computer science. Training in statistics, computational mathematics,
modeling, signals processing, pattern classification and image analysis.

Programming Skills: 2+ years in Matlab/Mathmatical. Java experience
Experience: Five (5+) years of numerical algorithm development. 2+ years of
image analysis or computer vision.

General Skills: Ability to work independently and in teams. Must be able to
communicate with scientists, engineers and software developers. Must be able
to produce documentation, write papers and present scientific results at
meetings and conferences.



Thank you,


Vic Thadhani
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