[Comp-neuro] CFP: International Symposium on Computational Neuroscience- Montreal, Canada, May 8-9, 2006

Paul Cisek paul.cisek at umontreal.ca
Wed Feb 22 17:27:41 CET 2006

XXVIIIth International Symposium
>From theory to neurons and back again
May 8-9, 2006
University of Montréal
Montréal, Québec, Canada
The 28th International Symposium of the Groupe de recherche
sur le système nerveux central et le Centre de recherche en sciences
neurologiques will be held on May 8-9, 2006, at the University of
Montréal. The objectives of this symposium are to illustrate the
power and utility of computational approaches to address fundamental
issues of brain function from the level of single cells to that of large
systems, as well as to discuss how computational and more traditional

physiological methods complement one another. The symposium will
include presentations on computational models of sensory and motor
systems, learning processes, and information coding.
Registration is now open. Please visit http://www.grsnc.umontreal.ca/XXVIIIs/
for information.
Submissions are invited for a limited number of poster presentations.
Authors of select posters will be invited to contribute a short chapter to
a special issue of the book series Progress in Brain Research.

Deadline for poster submissions: Friday, March 31, 2006.
Conference speakers:
Larry Abbott
Yoshua Bengio
Catherine Carr
Paul Cisek
Simon Giszter
Sten Grillner
Stephen Grossberg
Geoffrey Hinton
Len Maler
Eve Marder
James McClelland
David McCrea
Bruce McNaughton
Alexandre Pouget
Stephen Scott
Michael Shadlen
Reza Shadmehr
Robert Shapley
Daniel Wolpert
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR)
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
Groupe de recherche sur le système nervaux central (GRSNC)
Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ)
Université de Montréal (CEDAR)


Paul Cisek, Ph.D.
Department of physiology, room 4141
University of Montreal
C.P. 6128 Succursale Centre-ville
Montreal QC H3C 3J7 Canada
phone: 514-343-6111 x4355
FAX: 514-343-2111
email: paul.cisek at umontreal.ca

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