[Comp-neuro] Job Offer at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (BCCN) in Goettingen (Germany)

Steffen Wischmann steffen at jupiter.chaos.gwdg.de
Fri Feb 10 11:40:48 CET 2006

Immediately starting: Job Offer at the Bernstein Center for 
Computational Neuroscience (BCCN) in Goettingen (Germany)

The BCCN in Goettingen is involved in two collaborative research 
projects funded by the European Commission (PACO-PLUS, DRIVSCO) where 
our goal is to apply perception-action learning in different complex 
technological scenarios using a variety of robots as test bed. We are 
looking for a candidate at PhD or Postdoc level preferably with 
expertise in (sub-)symbolic learning methods and/or computer vision. 
Good programming skills are definitely required.

The goal of the project is to learn the correlation between human (or 
robot) actions and the changing visual perception which arises from 
these action. One can assume that this way humans and machines are able 
to better infer the structure of their world. Thus, these projects seek 
to understand perception and action in a closed loop way. For this, 
models of the action- as well as perception-space will be developed and 
perception-action learning needs to take place within this framework. 
The focus of this position lies on aspects of (machine) learning.

We offer a very active and international working  environment at the 
BCCN, which consists of  several  groups  working in Computational 
Neuroscience and related fields. The projects are taking place in 
collaboration with 8 partners  from different countries  in  Europe, 
which have worked together already in  a former project.  Specifically, 
this position will require to collaborate with the University of 
Barcelona, Spain, where the successful candidate  is expected to stay 
for several weeks in the course of the project.

Starting date: Immediately preferred!, Duration: Up to 4 years. Salary 
according to the German BAT System, with BAT IIa, negotiable between 50% 
and 100% according to the expertise of the applicant.

Send your application (preferably as PDF file) or further inquiries to
Prof. F. Woergoetter
worgott at chaos.gwdg.de

Our web pages start at:  http://www.ifi.informatik.uni-goettingen.de/cng/
The BCCN is at: http://www.bccn-goettingen.de/

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