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Mon Dec 18 23:24:28 CET 2006

Scholarpedia is a free peer-reviewed encyclopedia that combines the 
philosophies of Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica.

Scholarpedia hosts Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience, 
Encyclopedia of Dynamical Systems, and Encyclopedia of Computational 


All three will be published in a printed form, and will be used as seeds 
to start Encyclopedia of Cognitive Neuroscience, Encyclopedia of Applied 
Mathematics, and Encyclopedia of Computer Science (later next year.)

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Scholarpedia update:
Number of registered users: 814
Number of registered curators: 381
Highest Scholar Index: 36 (Ed Ott and Jeff Moehlis)
Number of reserved articles: 464 (by curators)
Number of finished articles: 71
Number of peer-reviewed and accepted articles: 35
see http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Special:Allpages

Most cited article (53 links):
Moehlis J., Josic K., Shea-Brown E.T. (2006) Periodic Orbit. 
Scholarpedia. p.2464

5 recent articles in Neuroscience:
Selverston A. (2006) Stomatogastric Ganglion. Scholarpedia
Redgrave P. (2006) Basal Ganglia. Scholarpedia.
Chacron M. (2006) Electrolocation. Scholarpedia.
Destexhe A. (2006) Spike-and-Wave Oscillations. Scholarpedia
Nunez P. and Srinivasan R. (2006) Electroencephalogram. Scholarpedia

5 recent articles in Dynamical Systems:
Sanders J.A. (2006) Averaging. Scholarpedia, p.5464
Murdock J. (2006) Unfoldings. Scholarpedia, p.6034
Starmer F. (2006) Initiation of Excitation Waves. Scholarpedia
Meiss J. (2006) Dynamical Systems. Scholarpedia
Carr J. (2006) Center Manifold. Scholarpedia

5 recent articles in Computational Intelligence:
Hutter M. (2006) Algorithmic Information Theory. Scholarpedia.
Woergoetter F. and Porr B. (2006) Reinforcement Learning. Scholarpedia
Hopfield J.J. (2006) Hopfield Network. Scholarpedia
Kohonen T. and Honkela T. (2006) Kohonen Network. Scholarpedia
Zadeh L. (2006) Fuzzy Logic. Scholarpedia

Number of articles with ongoing election of authors: 62
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key 'cns'. The invitation key will expire by the end of the year.

Eugene M. Izhikevich - editor-in-chief of Scholarpedia.

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