[Comp-neuro] Graduate studies in Brain Sciences at Brown University

Mehta, Mayank Mayank_Mehta at brown.edu
Wed Dec 6 21:19:25 CET 2006

Graduate studies in Brown University's Brain Science Program (BSP) provide interdisciplinary training that knits together cognitive, neural, and computational sciences. It emphasizes collaborative theoretical and experimental studies of the brain, from the molecular to the behavioral and cognitive levels. 


Interested students apply directly to one of the program's core departments and include a statement indicating their interest in the Brain Science Program. BSP provides educational and research opportunities that augment the department-based programs and prepares students for interdisciplinary research careers.

For more information, contact brainscience at brown.edu or visit
http://brainscience.brown.edu/apply.html <http://brainscience.brown.edu/apply.html> 

Mayank Mehta
http://neurophysics.brown.edu <http://neurophysics.brown.edu/> 

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