[Comp-neuro] Faculty Position at Ecole Normale Sup. Paris

Boris Gutkin Boris.Gutkin at ens.fr
Wed Aug 30 00:06:10 CEST 2006

Tenured Junior Faculty Position in Computational Neuroscience at Ecole Normale
Superieure Paris

A tenured junior faculty position is open in the Department of Cognitive Studies
at the ENS-Paris. The position profile is broad, focusing on neuroscience,
modelling and computational neuroscience. The recruited candidate will join the
newly created Group for Neural Theory at the DEC, ENS. The candidate is expected
to have a strong background in theoretical neuroscience and/or related
disciplines (mathematics, physics, computer science) and an I anterest in
developing career in computational neuroscience. The candidate is expected to
develop an active research programme and integrate into the GNT.  Teaching in
neuroscience and computational neuroscience shall be done at the ENS.
Collaborative opportunities exist within the department and local laboratories
involved in functional imaging, primate electrophysiology and/or psychophysics.
Further  information inforrmation is available at www.gnt.ens.fr, candidates can
also contact Boris Gutkin (Boris.Gutkin at ens.fr)

The next cycle of recruitment for a Junior Faculty position in computational
neuroscience shall be announced in the spring of 2007. In order to apply for
the position candidates need to pre-qualify with the National University
Council. The deadline for the pre-qualification is October 13.  Help with
putting together the application shall be given to potential candidates who
should contact Boris.Gutkin at ens.fr.

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