[Comp-neuro] Stipend funding available for MSc Intelligent Systems

Stefan Wermter stefan.wermter at sunderland.ac.uk
Wed Aug 16 14:19:36 CEST 2006

Stipends available: MSc Intelligent Systems for EU students

The School of Computing and Technology, University of
Sunderland is delighted to announce its  MSc Intelligent
Systems programme for Oct. 2006. Building on the School's
leading edge research in intelligent systems this masters
programme will be funded partially via the ESF programme
and Women into Science programme.

We are pleased to announce that for eligible EU students
we can offer stipends with free EU fees and a  bursary
of 500 pounds for our MSc Intelligent Systems. Together
this stipend is worth about 4200 pounds or 6200 Euro in
fees and bursary. This scheme applies to our October 2006
entry for EU students.

Intelligent Systems is an exciting field of study for
science and industry  since the currently existing
computing systems have often not yet  reached the various
aspects of  human performance. "Intelligent Systems" is a
term to describe software systems and methods, which
simulate aspects of intelligent behaviour. The intention
is  to learn from nature and human performance in order
to build more powerful computing systems. The aim is to
learn from cognitive science, neuroscience, biology,
engineering, and linguistics for building more powerful
computational system architectures. In this programme a
wide variety of novel and exciting techniques will be
taught including neural networks, intelligent robotics,
machine learning, natural language processing,  vision,
evolutionary computing, data mining, fuzzy methods, and
artificial intelligence architectures.

For further information in the first instance please see:


Application forms:


For application questions contact:

     * Email: cat-courseenqs at sunderland.ac.uk
     * Tel: +44 (191) 515 2758
     * Alfredo.Moscardini at sunderland.ac.uk

Please forward to  students who may be interested.

Stefan Wermter
Professor for Intelligent Systems
Centre for Hybrid Intelligent Systems
School of Computing and Technology
University of Sunderland
St Peters Way
Sunderland SR6 0DD
United Kingdom

email: stefan.wermter *at* sunderland.ac.uk

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