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Applied Neural Computing
New York City: August 30th and 31st, 2006
Organizers: Paul Sajda (Columbia University) and Yehoshua (Josh)  
Zeevi (Technion)
New computational strategies suitable for complex tasks, such as  
motor control and visual scene analysis, have been motivated by ideas  
originating in the neurosciences.  More than ever, there are  
impressive demonstrations of what could be termed “applied  
neuroscience”, and it is interesting to consider whether this nascent  
field is already at the stage to deliver long-lasting impact on  
advanced computational technologies.  This workshop will bring  
together internationally recognized leaders in the field to discuss  
the state-of-the-art and debate open and controversial issues in  
applied neural computing. Topics that will be covered include, brain  
computer/machine interfaces, neuromorphic systems, neurorobotics,  
computational and communication systems motivated by neural structure  
and function, and neural prosthetics.


Wednesday August 30th, 13:00-14:30  Applied Neuro I: Neuromorphics  
and Neurorobotics

Opening remarks: Paul Sajda/Josh Zeevi

Neurogrid: Emulating a Million Neurons in the Cortex

             Kwabena Boahen (Stanford University)

Building Large Networks of Biological Neurons

             Paul Hasler (Georgia Tech)

Principles Underlying the Construction of Brain-Based Devices

             Jeff Krichmar (The Neurosciences Institute)

Wednesday August 30th, 14:45-17:15  Applied Neuro II: Brain-Computer  
Interfaces (Part 1)

EEG/ECoG-based BCIs for Communication and Control

             Jonathan Wolpaw (Wadsworth Center)

Bi-directional brain-machine interfaces for spinal cord injury

             John Chapin (SUNY Downstate School of Medicine)

On-line Differentiation Of Neuroelectric Activities: Algorithms And  

             Klaus-Robert Muller (University of Potsdam and  
Fraunhofer Institut)

Special Talk:

Applied Neuroscience and the DoD

             Amy Kruse (DARPA)

Thursday August 31st, 09:00-10:30  Applied Neuro III: Brain-Computer  
Interfaces (Part 2)

Cortically-coupled Computer Vision for High-Throughput Image Search

             Paul Sajda (Columbia University)

Increasing the Performance of Cortically-Controlled Prostheses

             Krishna Shenoy (Stanford University)

Initial Experience with Intracortically-Based Neuromotor Prostheses

             Leigh Hochberg (Brown University)

Thursday August 31th, 10:45-12:15  Applied Neuro IV: Neuro-Inspired  

Hierarchical Temporal Memory: Theory and Applications

             Dileep George (Numenta, Inc.)

Feedback Controlled Computational Structures for Vision

             Roger Brockett (Harvard University)

Natural Signal Classification by Neural Cliques and Phase-Locked  

             Josh Zeevi (Technion)

Concluding remarks: Paul Sajda/Josh Zeevi

This workshop will take place in New York, Marriott at Times Square,  
Aug. 30 & 31, 2006, as part of the general program of the IEEE EMBC  

Register for the conference at http://embc2006.njit.edu/

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