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===========================CFP for DBF'07======================

Deadline for registration is extended to 31 Aug. 2006.

The Third Announcement and Call for Papers
10th Tamagawa-Riken Dynamic Brain Forum-DBF'07

5-9 March 2007
Hakuba Tokyu Hotel in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Conference Framework             
The 10th Tamagawa-Riken Dynamic Brain Forum (DBF’07) will be held on March 
5-9, 2007 at Hakuba Tokyu Hotel 
(http://www.tokyuhotels.co.jp/en/TR/TR_HAKUB/index.html) in Hakuba Village, 
Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
The Dynamic Brain Forum (DBF) is an annual international forum organized by 
the Tamagawa University
Brain Science Research Center. In 2007, the DBF will be co-sponsored by 
Riken Brain Institute,
Integrative Brain Research Project, Japanese Neural Network Society, Aihara 
Complexity Modelling Project
and by the 21st Century COE Programs in Tamagawa University, Kyushu 
Institute of Technology and Hokkaido University.

The theme of DBF'07 is Cortical Dynamics: Physiology, Theory and Applications.
The forum is organized in several sessions focused on different aspects of 
the theme, with lectures in each session
followed by a thematic discussion.
In addition, there will be poster presentations on newest results by the 
discussants and participants.
Posters will be up during first two days of meeting, allowing comprehensive 
discussions by participants.

Preceding the forum, there will also be two full days of Tutorial Programs, 
primarily oriented toward young researchers
and Ph.D. students interested in the theory and applications of various 
kinds of dynamic brain function.
Eight Tutorial presenters and topics will include,

Dr. S. Amari:             Mathematical Theories of Dynamics of Neural 
Information Processing , 
Dr. M. Kawato:          Towards manipulative neuroscience based on 
Dr. I. Tsuda:              Chaotic dynamics reality in brain dynamics,
Dr. K. Doya:             Neural implementation of reinforcement learning,
Dr. W. Freeman:       Recent advances in high-resolution analysis of EEG and MEG,
Dr. A. Aertsen:          Cortical Network Dynamics - Precision in a Noisy 
Environment ?
Dr. G. L. Gerstein      Coding dynamics -- (a) repeating firing patterns, 
(b) firing irregularity,
Dr. M. Abeles            Brain structure and neural-network architecture,

And, Ten Guest speakers are scheduled to talk:
Dr. A.Treves,
Dr. N. Kasabov,
Dr. W. Schultz,
Dr. D. Lee,
Dr. M. Fee,
Dr. P. Cisek.
Dr. O. Hikosaka,
Dr. B. Richmond,
Dr. H. Robinson
and one more person.

Application, dates and Program schedule
* PDF-format is mandatory for all documments submitted.
Other formats (Word, LATEX, etc) are never accepted.

31 Aug. 2006           Deadline for registration to attend Tutorials and/or 
DBF meeting
31 Aug. 2006           Deadline for electronic submission of abstracts 
(less than 400 words, English)
01 Sep.-30 Oct. 2006     Oral/poster/acceptance or rejection notification
31 Oct. 2006           Deadline for electronic submission of papers (4 
pages/A4-size, English)
30 Nov. 2006           Electronic submission of final paper revisions.
04-06 Mar. 2007      Reception of Tutorials and/or DBF at Hakuba Tokyu Hotel
05-06 Mar. 2007      Tutorials
07-08 Mar. 2007      Poster presentations
07-09 Mar. 2007      DBF meeting

Registration fee and Travel Grant
Tutorial:                    Free of charge
DBF:                         US$200 includes banquet fee.
Travel Grant :           Max. US$1,500 travel cost is financially supported 
for excellent papers awarded
by Program Committee, submitted by Graduate students and Post-docs.

Registration and further information
Please send e-mail to below Secretary for registration (clarify tutorial, 
forum or both), hotel reservation
  (clarify hotel name, room type and check-in/out date) or any other 
questions at the same time.
Secretary:    S. Nagayama: 
<mailto:nagayama at lab.tamagawa.ac.jp>nagayama at lab.tamagawa.ac.jp
Address:     Department of Intelligent Information Systems, Faculty of 
Engineering, Tamagawa University,
6-1-1 Tamagawagakuen, Machida, Tokyo, 194-8160, Japan
And, also must visit our web-site: 10th Tamagawa-Riken Dynamic Brain 
Forum-DBF’07” for further information.

Advisory Committee,
Chairman: Shun-ichi Amari: Riken Brain Science Institute, Japan.
-Jun Tanji: Tamagawa University, Japan.
-Mitsuo Kawato: ATR, Japan.
-Takeshi Yamakawa: Kyusyu Institute of Technology, Japan.
-Walter Freeman, University of California at Berkeley, USA.

Organizing Committee,
Chairman: Minoru Tsukada: Tamagawa University, Japan.
Vice-Chairman: Ichiro Tsuda: Hokkaido University, Japan.
-Keiji Tanaka: Riken Brain Science Institute, Japan.
-Ad Aertsen: University of Freiburg, Germany.
-Aike Guo: Chinese Academy of Science, China.
- Fanji Gu: Fudan University, China.
-Gert Hauske: Munich University of Technology, Germany.
-Antonio Roque: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
-Edger Koemer: HONDA R&D Europe, Germany.
- James Wright, Univ. of Auckland, NZ

Executive Committee,
Chairman: Masamichi Sakagami: Tamagawa University, Japan.
-Christph Schreiner: University of California, San Francisco, USA.
-Takeshi Kasai, Osaka Univ., Japan
-Hiroshi Fujii: Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan.
-Kenji Doya: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan.
-Shuji Aou, Kyushu Institute of Tech, Japan
-Hiroshi Kojima: Tamagawa University, Japan.
-Takeshi Aihara: Tamagawa University, Japan.
-Yutaka Sakai: Tamagawa University, Japan.

Program Committee,
Chairman: Shigetoshi Nara: Okayama University, Japan
-Kazuyuki Aihara: University of Tokyo, Japan.
-Shozo Yasui: Kyusyu Institute of Technology, Japan.
-:Hatsuo Hayashi: Kyusyu Institute of Technology, Japan.
-Hiroyuki Ito: Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan.
-Tomoki Fukai: Riken Brain Science Institute, Japan.
-Guy Sandner, INSERM, Strasburg, France

Prof. Dr Minoru Tsukada
Department of Intelligent Information systems, Faculty of Engineering, 
Tamagawa University.

6-1-1, Tamagawagakuen, Machida, Tokyo, 194-8610, Japan
Phone/Fax: +81-42-739-8430
E-mail: tsukada at eng.tamagawa.ac.jp
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