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Spine Tutorial

Demonstrates the new buffered diffusion routines in GENESIS in the implementation of a simple model of a dendritic spine.
The mathematical principles are described in: De Schutter E., and Smolen P.: Calcium dynamics in large neuronal models. in Methods in neuronal modeling: from ions to networks (2nd edition), C. Koch and I. Segev editors, 211-250 (1998).
The model is described in: De Schutter E., and Bower J.M.: Sensitivity of synaptic plasticity to the Ca2+-permeability of NMDA-channels: a model of long term potentiation in hippocampal neurons. Neural Computation 5: 681-694 (1993).

Spine Window

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System requirements

To run this tutorial correctly you need to install GENESIS2.2 first.

Simulation scripts

Download the GENESIS scripts for this model

The tar file creates a SpineDemo directory which contains scripts to run the following simulations: