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Welcome to the page used to access the cerebellar models developed at the Theoretical Neurobiology unit (principal investigator: Erik De Schutter), a research group affiliated with the University of Antwerp (Belgium).

picture of the cerebellum

At present we have on-line:

thumbnail of purkinje cell tutorial

Purkinje cell tutorial

A description and the simulation scripts for an interactive tutorial of Purkinje cell physiology.

thumbnail of purkinje cell model PM9

Purkinje cell model PM9

A description and simulation scripts for the 1994 Purkinje cell model (De Schutter and Bower (1994)).

thumbnail of new purkinje cell model

New Purkinje cell model

Pictures and movies of the 1997 Purkinje cell model with detailed calcium dynamics (De Schutter and Smolen (1998))

thumbnail of the 1997 network model

The 1997 network model

A description and simulation scripts for the 1997 network model of the granular layer of cerebellar cortex (Maex and De Schutter (1998)).

thumbnail of spine tutorial

Spine tutorial

The simulation scripts for a tutorial of the buffered calcium diffusion routine in GENESIS demonstrated by calcium influx through a NMDA channel on a spine (De Schutter and Smolen (1998)).

thumbnail of inhibitory Network Model

Inhibitory Network Model

Simulation scripts for the network of inhibitory neurons with axonal conduction delays (Maex and De Schutter 2003).