How to use mailinglists?

Mailman serves several mailing lists. You find them all on the mailing list start-page:

The postings to the list are archived so you can consult past postings.

The list-archives are public but the lists are moderated This means that you can see the lists, you can consult the list-info and archives but to send and receive mail to/from the list you need to subsribe first.

To subscribe:
To subscribe to a list go to : and follow the link of the list of your intrest. You will get a information-page containing 4 text-boxes. Provide your email and full name. In the last 2 boxes you provide a password. Leave the check-box on "No" and press Subscribe. That's it.

Subscribing to a mailing-list

After subscribing you will receive a welcome-mail containing your password.

This password is used to:
change your account-information
disable receiving postings during vacation

More info can be found in the:
User-manual (pdf)
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