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Van Geit Werner

Address : Theoretical Neurobiology
University of Antwerp
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk

Office : T5-36

Telephone : +32 3 820 2648

Email :

Research activity :

The main subject of my research is the coding that takes place inside Purkinje cells. The best way to study this, is by looking at the spike trains that are generated by these cells. In a lot of studies the assumption is made that in spike trains, there is no correlation between two or more consecutive interspike intervals or, in short, these spike trains are looked at as resulting from renewal processes. As seen in data from recordings of Purkinje cells, this is not always the right assumption. If an interspike interval is small, the next interval has a higher chance of also being small. This kind of correlation could be explained by different kinds of mechanisms, including interactions between inhibitory neurons and intrinsically spiking Purkinje cells, or it could also originate from correlations in the input. My research focuses on modelling these possible mechanisms and seeing which of them is fitting most with experimental results.

Papers :