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Tahon Koen

Address : Theoretical Neurobiology
University of Antwerp
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk

Office : T5-38

Telephone : +32 3 820 2488

Email :

Research activity :

I"m interested in the role of different brain structures in the process of sensorimotor integration. Brain areas of interest are the cerebellum, motor and sensory cortices and other areas involved in the integration of sensory and motor information. To study this Iíll use trained awake rats in which Iíll implant several arrays of electrodes so I can look at a lot of neural signals at the same time. The rats will be trained to perform a sensorimotor task in which motor control is dependent on sensory information. After this, the rats will have to rely merely onto their brain signals to control the learned task by use of a brain-computer interface. By doing all this we hope to unravel some of the mystery of the brainís function in this interesting and important topic.

Papers :